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The Florida summers can be brutal, and there’s nothing worse than driving around without a working air conditioning system. Whether it’s the cold of winter or the heat of the summertime, you rely on your vehicle’s heating and cooling system to help you stay comfortable while you drive around. If you need service on your car’s A/C, be sure to visit the pros at Viking Automotive Advisors located in Vero Beach, FL. We can help get your car back to feeling comfortable so you can avoid the added misery of driving around in the heat or the freezing cold.

There can be several signs that your car’s A/C system is in trouble. For example, if there seems to be nothing but warm air coming out of your vents even on the coldest setting, you definitely need some A/C service. Other signs of trouble include when the blower isn’t producing any air at all, the system is producing an odd smell, or cold air comes out when it should be warm, and warm air comes out when it should be cold. Most heating and A/C repairs or services are simple, however, some may be a bit more detailed. Have your system checked at least once per year to ensure that it’s in good operating condition.

A/C Service Checks

The pros at Viking Automotive can perform a thorough A/C system check to make sure you don’t simply need a Freon recharge. Here are some of the things we’ll look for:

  • A check of the fan levels, PSI pressure, and Freon level verifications
  • Output temperature check to ensure that the heating & A/C are producing the proper temps
  • An inspection of the blower fan, blower motor, and compressor to check for proper operation
  • A check of all belts and hoses to look for any wear and tear or damage
  • Fluid leak checks
  • Diagnosis of issues relating to faulty wiring, switches, internal compressor seal, or condenser

With these simple checks, our technicians can determine exactly why your air conditioning system is not operating the way it should. In many cases, it’s simply a matter of adding more Freon to get your air conditioner pumping cold air once again. It could also be an issue with the blower motor or condenser as well as a problem with the vehicle’s electrical system. Once we diagnose the problem, we will provide you with an estimate and take the steps necessary to correct it so you can drive on the Florida roads in comfort once again.

For all your vehicle repair and service needs including maintenance and A/C service, visit the professionals at Viking Automotive Advisors in Vero Beach, FL or give us a call today at 772-770-1277.