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Your vehicle relies on the transmission system to keep the car moving and the wheels turning. If your transmission system is in trouble, it could result in some pretty serious or expensive repairs if you don’t get the issue addressed. At Viking Automotive Advisors, we can perform a thorough transmission inspection and make any necessary repairs to help you get back on the road in no time. We also perform transmission system fluid flushes and other services that will keep your vehicle running to its maximum capacity.

You should have your transmission system serviced on a regular basis to keep everything in check. Ideally, this system should be serviced every 24,000 miles or every two years. Make sure you check your manufacturer’s recommendation, since some may allow the service to be between every 50,000 or even every 100,000 miles. It’s important that you don’t take these recommended intervals lightly since it’s still best to have the system serviced on a more regular basis to avoid the possibility of a major repair.

A transmission fluid flush is a great way to keep your vehicle running the way it should. This service replaces around one-third to one-half of your transmission fluid with new, clean fluid. When you flush the old system, it replaces almost 100-percent of the fluid in your transmission. This service requires the use of special tools and machinery that pumps the new fluid into your lube and cooler circuit. We will replace the filter as well to ensure that your entire system is clean and ready to go. A flush or fluid exchange is one of the best ways to extend the life of your vehicle and your transmission service in general.

If your transmission ends up being on the fritz, we can make any necessary repairs to get your vehicle back up and running. We may need to remove the entire system first to look for any signs of physical damage. In many cases, your transmission may just need to be resealed. From automatics to manuals, we have the background and skill to get your transmission system operating the way it should be. With regular maintenance, your car’s transmission system should serve you well for many years to come.

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